Stay At Home Jobs

Stay At Home Jobs

Stay At Home JobWith the rising cost of gas and the lowering strength of job stability, people are turning to alternative methods to making money. From blogging to web development and customer service to survey submissions, this blog will go over the vast number of ways you can acquire a job allowing you to work from home. There’s nothing like making room in your life for a job instead of making room in a job for your life!

Should I Keep Reading This Blog?

Whether you want to turn your extra time into extra money, stay home with the family, or want to replace your 9-6 job with something which will be flexible around your schedule, stay at home jobs are the idea dream job. You may be thinking that these are scams and the idea of making a living by never leaving your home is too good to be true. Thankfully that is not the case! If you’re already thinking that this is impossible and there’s no way anyone can possibly make money from home, this blog probably won’t do much to change your mind. However, if this homepage has sparked an interest, please filter through the other pages to get a better idea of these jobs.

What else should I know?

Believe it or not, many companies actually benifit from not having you show up every day. Lets take a moment to think about what it would take to have an employee work in a money-raincommercial building.

  • Employee’s wages
  • Space for the employee to work
  • Computer or workarea
  • Electricity costs
  • Plumbing costs
  • Water costs
  • Internet costs
  • Supplies costs (printer, ink, lamp, desk phone, etc)
  • Parking Space

Now, if the employee worked from home, the employer would only have to cover the employee’s wages and maybe some minor supplies such as a phone and headset, a computer program and maybe some files or records.

Still think this is far-fetched? Well, how would you explain Hilton Hotels employing full time call center operators who only work from the comforts of their home? Now we’ve established this is not as much of a hoax as perhaps previously thought, lets get into the good stuff. Examples of stay at home jobs and how you can go about acquiring your dream job!

This blog will not link to Stay At Home Job opportunities however, I will go into detail what the different kind of jobs require. This is an informational blog – not an online job application.